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The powerful arm that saves lives.

The Right Arm in the Cath Lab

In the Cath Lab, complications can arise during the treatment of patients, which sometimes require resuscitation measures. The sterile environment and limited personnel are not ideal for resuscitation with manual chest compressions. Therefore a mechanical chest compression device is preferred.

The corpuls cpr has redefined the standard for the next generation of automatic chest compression devices to achieve the best possible patient outcome in the event of a cardiac arrest. 

It is also more important than ever to protect our medical personnel; with the corpuls cpr arm, hospital staff can be stood back from the patient whilst controlling the chest compressions from a safe distance away, providing uninterrupted automatic therapy. 


Some diagnostic procedures, such as X-rays or computed tomography scans, sometimes have to take place under continued resuscitation. The radiation exposure that occurs during such procedures is a risk for medical staff that should not be underestimated. The corpuls cpr makes it possible to carry out such procedures in compliance with occupational safety.

The European Resuscitation Council (ERC) specifically recommends using mechanical chest compression devices, such as the corpuls cpr, during angiography under resuscitation.


In the cardiac catheter lab, the artefact-free view on the coronary vessels is of decisive importance.

The corpuls cpr compression pad only gives a minimal shadow, otherwise there is an unimpeded view on the coronary vessels.


Key Design Advantages for In-Hospital Treatment

  • Designed to be set up and deployed within seconds - can be left in standby until it is needed during difficult cardiac procedures in theatres.
  • No limitations with accessing the patient’s thorax due to the rotating arm.
  • Compression depth and frequency can be adjusted during therapy.
  • No restrictions regarding the patient’s weight and breadth of thorax.  Can be used on children and maternal cases.
  • The Quad Board has been specifically designed for in-hospital use. This low profile board can be deployed at any time and will still be comfortable for the patient to lay on.
  • All compression boards available are made of radiolucent carbon fibre material to ensure the use of radiology equipment is not compromised at any time.

    The parts of the corpuls cpr arm, which for technical reasons cannot be radiolucent, are made as narrow as possible. This allows the cath lab team to adjust the ray path to the ideal position for a clear view of the heart and the blood vessels.

  • No consumables to purchase - The compression pads come in two sizes and can be disinfected with all common agents.

Key Features

Setting the Benchmark for Future-Proof Mechanical CPR

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Compression Parameters

Compression Frequency: 80-120 compressions/min
(individually adjustable in increments of 1 compression/min).

Compression Depth: 2 - 6 cm
(individually adjustable in increments of 0.1 cm).

Three different Therapy Modes: 30:2 / 15:2 / continuous.

Patient Parameters

Thorax Height: 14 - 34 cm.

No restrictions regarding the patient’s weight and breadth of thorax.

Approved for use on children from the age of 8.



Energy Management

Can be operated with a battery as well as via mains connector.

Lithium polymer (LiPo) batteries, each with 90 minute runtime.

The battery can be exchanged quick and easy during therapy. The operation parameters are retained for 30 seconds.

Battery charging time via magnetic plug (no therapy): approx. 105 min: 0–80% then approx. 30 min:  80-100%



User-Friendly Operation

Switch from manual CPR to mechanical thorax compressions with minimal interruption.

Therapy start/stop button with alarm function and 4 soft keys

LED Start/Stop button that uses a traffic light system to give the optimum arm positioning instructions.

Simultaneous display of operating mode, compression depth, compression frequency, time/therapy time/remaining battery time in minutes/percent

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Revolutionary Design

The corpuls cpr rotating arm grants free access to the patient's thorax at all times. The arm itself is mounted to one side, but the swivel function allows the range of movement to accurately position the device to give uninterrupted chest compressions.

With two joints and a height adjustable arm the corpuls cpr can be quickly adapted to the patient‘s body. It guarantees the optimal pressure point during therapy. Compression depth and mode can be easily adjusted. This design allows the quick switch from manual to automated chest compressions in matter of seconds.

The intuitive user interface features a therapy start/stop button with alarm and 4 soft-keys. The alarm will sound and flash red if the arm is not placed at the correct depth to give the patient accurate chest compressions. 

Back Boards

All of the back boards are radiolucent, and made from robust, lightweight carbon fibre. The boards are easy to clean and disinfect after use, and store away neatly in the bag pack. For optimal effectiveness in all areas of rescue and resuscitation, three different boards are available... 


Quad Board

Designed specifically for in-hospital treatment. Boards are radiolucent material to ensure the use of radiology equipment is not compromised at any time.


Rec Board 

Designed specifically for pre-hospital treatment. Attachment straps allow it to be fixed to any standard stretcher system. 


Scoop Board

Designed specifically for use with a scoop stretcher or vacuum mattress. Also features the securable straps to attach to any standard stretcher system. 

compression pads cpr arm

Reusable Compression Pads


The compression pads come in two sizes and can be disinfected with all common agents. This helps to keep running costs to a minimum and ensures the corpuls cpr can be deployed on every CPR job without financial worries in the back of operators’ head.

Carrying Bag Pack

The corpuls cpr comes in an ergonomic, hig quality bag pack that is capable of storing all relevant accessories in designated compartments. The material is easy to wipe clean, and comes with an elasticated shoulder strap for seamless transportation to an emergency location. 


190911_cpr Rucksack offen freigestellt


The corpuls cpr continually saves all relevant settings and sensor data during the treatment. This includes compression depths and rates as selected by the user at each point in time, as well as movement and force feedback values during each individual compression. The free software tool corpuls.manager REVIEW provides the ability to gain insights into this data. The entire mission is displayed as a scrollable timeline, showing compressions, settings, pauses and events.

Debriefings and CPR training among other things can be significantly improved by consulting the recorded real-time data – also PDF reports can be created from the mission. PDF reports can be created  can be added to the patient file for documentation purposes and archiving. Additional insights on a larger scale can be obtained via the companion server software corpuls.manager ANALYSE. Important questions about CPR quality and device usage can be quickly answered using the entire set of recorded missions.


The perfect pairing for synchronised resuscitation with corpuls3 & corpuls cpr

Thanks to the synchronised therapy, stress amongst the team can be significantly reduced. corpuls3 and corpuls cpr become one and when integrated into the team, this duo makes resuscitation even more efficient.

Hands-off time is significantly reduced* and the patient's chance of survival is increased – even under the most difficult conditions where space is limited.

Learn more about the advantages of synchronising the corpuls3 and corpuls cpr by clicking the button below


corpuls simulation 

Don't just buy the best. Train to be the best with corpuls simulation. Control the physiological signals, vital parameters and scenarios presented to your trainees, providing the most realistic training available.  Review performance data and guide improvements. Being the best is in your control. 

The corpuls simulation device has bluetooth capability, allowing you to easily connect to your cpr arm, ensuring all staff are effective in using all products and technologies to their full potential.

Linked together with the corpuls simulation COMMUNITY, you're also able to collaborate with colleagues around the globe, sharing scenarios, data and performance metrics. All aimed at making you the best. Training never need be boring again. 


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“The Amazing Machine Behind the Miracle”A story from Queensland Ambulance Service in Australia

Queensland Ambulance Service tell the story of how they brought patient Jamie ‘back from the dead’ by providing life-saving therapy using the corpuls cpr mechanical chest compression device. 

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